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Local Drop Off

A wee thank you prezzie!

We appreciate that your time is valuable and taking that time to drop off your racket and picking it back up at a later date is invaluable to us. That`s why we will always reward that effort with a little thank you!.....

So how does it work?

When booking a restring through our online booking service, and your post code is local to us, you will be offered the following shipping option;

  • Customer drop off/pickup @ workshop 

Any online order that is dropped off for restringing at our workshop here in Fife, will automatically qualify for one of our most popular replacement grips, the Zenith PU absolutely free of charge. Professionally fitted to your individual requirements (value £2.69) 

Choose from either Black, White, Yellow or Blue.

Scotastrings with England International Players



Scotstrings - Racket Restringing
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