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About Scotstrings

Established in 2004, Scotstrings are a full-time professional racket restringing company based in Scotland. Our philosophy is a simple one - offer a fast, reliable and highly professional service with the minimum of fuss.

Restringing Workshop
Combining state-of-the-art electronic stringing machines with the very best string brands available, we provide unparalleled customer service to all our clients...... whether you are a squash legend like Nicol David here or not!
With the recent introduction of our unique and innovative online booking tool, Scotstrings are setting the benchmark within the racket restringing industry. 

Our String and Grip Ranges
A comprehensive selection of the very best products available from every major manufacturer to both compliment and enhance your game.

Check out our innovative and easy to use `book a restring` service. There is simply no other booking system currently available that offers such convenience or flexibility!

Remember you can still order via phone or email if you prefer a more conventional approach!

Scotastrings with England International Players
Scotstrings - Racket Restringing
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