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Volkl Power Fiber Pro 1.30 Turquoise

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Volkl Power Fiber Pro 1.30 Turquoise

Category: Multifilament


Volkl have created a more durable and controlled version of Power Fiber II, one of the game's most comfortable multifilaments. Like Power Fiber II, this string deploys an army of flexible filaments to absorb greater shock and vibration at impact. As a result, it is perfect for the player who wants an arm-friendly string. However for this version of Power Fiber, Volkl uses larger filaments made from a firmer polymer. The result is MORE CONTROL, making it easier for you to swing bigger when adding pace and spin to your shots. The added control also helps when selecting ambitious targets or trying to close out a point. All in all, this is a great option for the player who wants a comfortable multifilament string with above average control.
Our stringer says,
"As with all our multifilaments, we pre-stretch strings between 5-10% during restringing. This additional process will ensure that the string bed tension remains consistent over a longer period and thereby increase racket performance".
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Scotstrings - Racket Restringing
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