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Babolat AddiXion 1.30 Natural

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Babolat AddiXion 1.30 Natural

Category: Multifilament


Babolat`s new multifilament string, AddiXion 16 provides players with a soft feel for maximum comfort. The string features a combination of 95% polyamide along with 5% PTFE fibres, which are exclusive to Babolat, creating a unique combination of power, comfort, and durability. The PTFE fibres in AddiXion help to reduce friction between strings leading to prolonged durability which makes this string the ideal choice when combined with a stiffer polyester within a hybrid setup. The highly elastic polyamide fibres provide the elasticity necessary for a soft and powerful string bed. This is a great string for a player seeking a soft feel but with added power and durability from a multifilament string construction.
Our stringer says,
"As with all our multifilaments, we pre-stretch strings between 5-10% during restringing. This additional process will ensure that the string bed tension remains consistent over a longer period and thereby increase racket performance".
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Scotstrings - Racket Restringing
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